Menendez of Crary Buchanan named to professional practice advisory board of The Florida Bar

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jim_menendezJames W. Menendez of Crary Buchanan has been named to the advisory board of the Law Office Management Assistance Service (LOMAS) of The Florida Bar. Menendez is firm administrator for Crary Buchanan in Stuart and immediate past president of the Palm Beach chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. He is also a certified legal manager.

“The law is a profession, but it’s also has a business side, and law firms need competent, professional direction in managing their people and risks,” said Menendez, who will serve a three-year term beginning in July 2011.

LOMAS helps lawyers apply sound business and practice management principles such as trust accounting rules, docket control, prevention of client conflict, and the integration of high-tech equipment into the law practice. Experienced practice management advisors support The Florida Bar staff who help attorneys avoid malpractice or grievances through the application of sound business procedures and best practices.

“As an advisory board member, I will be applying my knowledge and experience to helping Florida attorneys,” Menendez said. “Better management will lead to better service to clients.”