Who Is Responsible for Paying Your Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

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Right after a car accident, you may be injured. That means that you begin accruing medical expenses almost immediately after the accident. However, it may take weeks or longer for all of the insurance paperwork to be properly handled before an insurance company will reimburse you for your ongoing medical expenses.  

In this article, we are going to look at Florida law in connection with car accidents and discuss who is responsible for medical bills after an accident. If after reading this blog, you have additional questions about your own circumstances, we welcome you to contact the seasoned car accident attorneys at Crary Buchanan. At Crary Buchanan, we are proud of our standard of excellence, which has allowed us to thrive as one of the oldest law firms on Florida’s Treasure Coast.  

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Florida Is a No-Fault State, Does that Matter?

The fact that Florida is a no-fault state does have implications in connection with the question of who pays medical bills after a car accident.

To begin, no-fault insurance means that regardless of who is at fault for the car accident, the drivers involved in the accident will look to their own insurance companies to recover for losses.  

There is an exception, however, for severe or permanent injuries. If you suffer from a severe or permanent injury – one that meets the definition of a “qualifying injury” under Florida law – then you can bring a claim against the driver who was at fault. That claim would typically be a personal injury lawsuit. And through the lawsuit, you can determine who pays your medical bills.

What Injuries Stay in the No-Fault System?

As noted, claims involving severe injuries that are “qualifying injuries” under Florida law can be pursued outside of the no-fault process. Otherwise, you need to find out who is responsible for your medical bills through the no-fault system.

The order of recovery under Florida’s no-fault system is as follows:

1. First, you look to personal injury protection insurance, otherwise known as PIP insurance.
2. Next, there may be MedPay supplemental insurance available to you.
3. Then, you would turn to your own health insurance policy for medical bill coverage.
4. Finally, you would need to turn to your own personal savings.

1. PIP Protection

PIP insurance is at the heart of Florida’s no-fault insurance system. When you are in an accident, PIP insurance pays your medical bills. The PIP insurance will pay regardless of who is at fault for the accident.  

Typically, PIP insurance pays for 80% of your medical bills up to your policy limit. Keep in mind, however, that there may be a deductible with your PIP insurance coverage.

With regard to the kind of medical treatment that is covered, PIP insurance is required to cover the following medical services:

1. Medical,
2. Surgical,
3. X-ray,
4. Dental,
5. Rehabilitative
6. Ambulance,
7. Hospital, and
8. Nursing services.

It is important to note, however, that PIP requires a doctor’s order for medical expenses to be covered, acupuncture and massage therapy, unfortunately, are not covered by PIP insurance, nor is a self-inflicted injury during the commission of a felony.

As with other types of insurance, the insurance company should pay as you are receiving your medical bills, provided that you forward the bills to the PIP insurance company.

2. What is MedPay?

MedPay is an optional coverage that supplements PIP, and will cover the medical invoices that your PIP insurance will not cover. Thus, MedPay will fill in to cover the remaining 20% of your medical bills that PIP does not take care of.

3. Health Insurance

Once you exhaust the limits of your PIP coverage and MedPay (if applicable), then you would turn to your health care insurance coverage.  

4. Out of Pocket

There is a chance that your health insurance may not be able to pick up the rest of the tab, leaving you to pay the rest of your medical bills out of pocket.  

That is why it is important to think about the extent of your PIP and MedPay coverage, to try to avoid having to pay out of pocket.  

Outside the No-Fault System

Finally, as noted, if your car accident injuries are very serious, and/or permanent, then you can go outside the no-fault system and bring a personal injury lawsuit directly against the other driver, or have your car accident attorney reach out to the other driver’s insurance to work out a settlement.  

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