When Do You Need a Truck Accident Attorney?

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You might initially think that an accident with a truck is not much different from a car accident. That, however, is far from the case. The resulting claims after a truck accident will most likely be much more complicated than any type of car accident claims. The primary reason for that is because in a truck accident, it is not just the driver who may be at fault. Rather, many parties associated with the truck may also be liable.  

Accordingly, a comprehensive investigation is necessary after a truck accident in order to determine the parties who are liable. In this article, we will discuss why you need a truck accident attorney and what considerations you need to factor into any truck accident claim.

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How Do You Know You Need a Truck Accident Attorney?

When you are in a no-fault state, like Florida, both parties turn to their own insurance companies for compensation regardless of who caused the accident. Thus, many Florida drivers do not know whether they should hire a truck accident attorney after a collision with a truck.

In reality, it is always a good idea to hire a truck accident attorney, no matter what the circumstances. Why is that?  There are four main reasons: 

1. Preserving Important Evidence.  

Anytime you get in a truck accident, even a minor one, you need to have the police take a look at the scene. A police officer is an objective third party who can provide a report on which you can rely moving forward. If the other party rear-ended you, then the police report will reflect the fact that the other party was at fault.  

2. Truck Accidents are Much More Complicated.

With truck accidents – unlike car accidents – there are many potentially responsible parties, beyond the driver of the truck. An experienced truck accident attorney will understand, and get to the bottom of, the issue of the party who is liable.  

That is not to say that the truck driver is never liable. There is no question that truck drivers, like all people, are able to make mistakes and might be the ultimate reason for an accident. Yet, there are other potentially responsible parties following a collision, and they can be as follows:

1. The truck driver;
2. The relevant trucking company;
3. The people who loaded the truck;
4. Those involved in fixing and maintaining the truck;
5. Manufacturers of parts in the truck’s engine or its brakes; and
6. The leasing company that leased the truck to the trucking company.

In fact, it is common for multiple parties to be named in a lawsuit in connection with a truck accident.

3. Effectively Dealing with an Insurance Company

Also, a seasoned attorney can interact with an insurance company (which is often looking to avoid paying a claim) more effectively. Indeed, negotiating with an insurance company after a truck accident is not a simple process, particularly when there are multiple insurance companies involved – due to the fact that there are multiple liable parties.   

4. You Can Focus on Healing  

You may have processed a truck accident as only startling, but you might not have registered that your neck or other muscles were jerked back and forth. Perhaps a day or two later you start to feel soreness or pain in your neck or shoulders.  

If you start to feel injuries only days after the accident occurred, then you will benefit from an attorney’s advice as to what steps to take in getting medical treatment. That way you can make sure that you have an accurate, provable way to value your injuries.

Moreover, an attorney who is in your corner advocating on your behalf will give you the space and peace of mind to focus on recovering from your physical injuries resulting from an accident.  

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