What Kinds of Damages Can I Recover After a Car Accident?

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A car accident could range from being a minor fender-bender to a catastrophic event that puts in you the hospital for an extended period of time. Moreover, injuries that stem from a serious car accident will likely go beyond simple medical expenses.  

In the world of personal injury lawsuits, particularly lawsuits involving car accidents, courts, litigants, and juries expect that an injured party will specify precisely what damages he or she has suffered. Accordingly, if you are injured in a car accident, and you are seeking compensation, you need to make sure that you keep track of the various types of damages for which you deserve compensation.  

In this article, we will help you delineate all of the different kinds of damages that you could recover after a car accident. This list is very important because you want to make sure that you are compensated for all of your injuries, mental and physical, rather than just the cost of your doctor’s bills.   

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List of Car Accident Damages That May Is Available to You.

1. Medical Bills

First and foremost, any injury that requires a doctor’s care will result in medical expenses. Thus, regardless of whether the car accident caused only minor injuries or if you suffered internal bleeding or muscle damage, a car accident personal injury damages award should cover all costs associated with medical treatment for those injuries.

Those costs include doctor’s visits and hospital bills to be sure. But also, your damages from the car accident include:  

1. The cost of the ambulance;
2. The cost of in-home rehabilitative services;
3. Physical therapy; and
4. Cognitive therapy (if the accident resulted in mental health matters requiring treatment).  

2. Lost Wages

If you are rendered unable to go to work and earn an income because of injuries from the car accident, then those damages for which you deserve compensation.  

These damages are considered “lost wages.” The number of lost wages can include not only the wages you would have earned if you were not getting medical treatment but the future wages you now cannot earn because of the limitations resulting from the car accident.

3.  Property Damage

In any car accident, it is likely that your car and any valuable items in your car – which is all your property – have been damaged. Thus, because a personal injury lawsuit is an attempt to make you as “whole” as possible, i.e., as close as possible to the position you were in before the accident, then part of a damages award should cover the cost of fixing your car, and replacing any valuable items damaged in the accident.    

4.  Pain and suffering

Monetary damages for pain and suffering generally are meant to compensate for the physical and mental pain that results from an injury. For example, it will cover the physical pain involved with bodily injuries such as fractured bones and the mental pain involved with something like a permanent restriction on a cherished activity.

The kinds of mental anguish involved could include depression, embarrassment from scars or other physical appearance issues, or anything else that would reasonably cause stress or significant mental discomfort. 

Unlike medical bills that provide a “bottom-line” number, the concept of pain and suffering can be hard to quantify.  Thus, attorneys will typically put forth evidence to prove pain and suffering damages as follows:

1. The opinion of a mental health expert about your state of mind;
2. An expert opinion with regard to pain and suffering damages in car accident cases;
3. Documentation proving your use of prescription medication before and after the car accident; and
4. Your own written or oral testimony about the day-to-day pain and suffering you are experiencing.  

5.  Loss of consortium

The term “loss of consortium” is also commonly referred to as “loss of affection or companionship.” Certain injuries after a car accident can, unfortunately, take away your ability to be intimate with your spouse or partner.  

What is unique about the loss of consortium is that you, as the car accident victim, do not actually claim these damages as your own. Rather, this is a damages claim that your spouse or partner can make in your case. Remember, however, loss of consortium damages are not available unless some of the other damages mentioned above are proven first. In other words, loss of consortium damages for your spouse or partner is contingent on you being awarded other damages.  

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