What Is the Average Payout for a Slip and Fall?

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Slip and fall injuries are an unfortunate yet common occurrence. While the injuries may vary, you could be entitled to significant compensation to cover your pain and suffering. If you’ve been injured in such an accident, you need to contact an experienced slip and fall attorney to assist you. 

But first, feel free to continue reading to learn more about slip and fall accidents, including what they are and their average payout. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your accident, contact Crary Buchanan Attorneys at Law today.

What Is a Slip and Fall Accident?

Slip and fall accidents are very common in the United States. In fact, they’re some of the more frequent types of personal injury claims filed. Moreover, slip and fall accidents happen when someone falls on a surface that is wet, icy, or otherwise slippery due to liquid spills, dampness, or moisture.

More specifically, the risk of slipping and falling increases when: 

  • Equipment impedes safe walking
  • There are no drainage areas
  • Water is standing on a floor
  • There is debris on the floor

It’s also important for businesses to post signage to alert patrons of hazardous conditions, such as an area that was recently mopped. If a failure to post warning results in a slip and fall injury, the victim could sue for compensation.

What Is the Average Payout for a Slip and Fall?

The average slip and fall payout in the United States is between $30k and $40k. Indeed, the cost of such an injury can be overwhelming to the victim. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, it’s important to take legal action as soon as possible. 

Even if you do not have medical documentation or immediate hospitalization, there are many ways to get paid for your injuries that will help offset the cost of your recovery.

That said, even if you are compensated fairly, the cost of medical bills, physical therapy, and other treatments can quickly add up. Therefore, it is vital that you have an experienced slip and fall attorney fighting for you to get the compensation you deserve.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

In order to determine how much your slip and fall case is worth, you need to know the extent of your injuries. The severity of the injury will often dictate the total payout for a case. For instance, if you have an injury that requires hospitalization, you’re likely entitled to a higher payout than someone who only has minor injuries. And if the slip and fall results in you having to miss work, your attorney will try to secure additional payment for that, too.

What Should You Do in a Slip and Fall Accident?

First and foremost, document everything. You should take pictures of your injuries before any medical treatment to show what they looked like when you first received them. When you speak to your slip and fall attorney, you’ll have valuable information to share with them in building your case.

Please note that in most cases, it is essential that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible. A slip and fall attorney will be able to help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

What to Expect from Your Attorney

When it comes to pursuing compensation for your injuries, there are many ways that lawyers can help. For example, your slip and fall attorney will gather evidence, conduct interviews, review medical records, and more as they build your case. 

The attorneys at Crary Buchanan have experience working on slip and fall cases involving all types of injuries, including head trauma, neck injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments, and many others. What’s more, we offer advice on how to pursue the following forms of compensation:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical coverage
  • Lost wages

At Crary Buchanan Attorneys at Law, we take a comprehensive approach to slip and fall accidents in Florida. We urge you to reach out to us right away if you are the victim of a slip and fall. We will work hard to see to it that you are made whole, so contact us today to get started.

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