What Do We Really Mean by Pain and Suffering?

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pain and suffering damages in a personal injury case

When it comes to personal injury cases, we often hear the phrase “pain and suffering.” While the phrase itself is fairly broad, it has taken on such a legal connotation that we can easily be confused as to exactly what is covered by a personal injury damages award of “pain and suffering.”  

Accordingly, in this article, we will take this opportunity to try to shed some additional light on the topic so that, if you have been involved in an auto accident or slip-and-fall accident, or some other personal injury, you will have some notion of what you can expect if you are claiming pain and suffering damages.  

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Two Components to Pain and Suffering

There are two basic components to the concept of pain and suffering damages. They are physical pain and suffering, and mental pain and suffering.

Physical pain and suffering, as you would expect, is the pain you feel from having a physical injury – like a broken bone or seriously injured back muscles.  

Mental pain and suffering cover the kind of negative feelings you have as a result of both the physical injuries you sustained and the shock of something like an auto accident. Thus, mental pain and suffering include mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, anger, anxiety, and shock.  It is not uncommon to have serious depression, anger, mood swings, loss of sleep, or loss of appetite after a personal injury. Thus, the person who caused the injury should compensate you for those mental as well as physical injuries.

It is also important to note that pain and suffering do not only cover the injury you experienced to the time of your trial. Pain and suffering damages can include the pain, either physical or mental, you will feel in the future.

Case Examples of Pain and Suffering

To give you a better context as to what exactly pain and suffering damages might look like, some examples should help.

A. Scenario 1 – Serious car wreck  

Assume that a person was in a serious car wreck. The victim who was not at fault suffered several broken bones and a concussion. Also, shortly after the accident, the victim started to have mood swings, anxiety around the prospect of driving and had difficulty sleeping. The victim ultimately went to a therapist and was mentally not able to go back to work for several months.

In that case, the pain resulting from the physical injuries and the mental anguish are all compensable as pain and suffering. While the loss of work income may be sometimes itemized separately, the lost work income as a direct result of the accident can also fall under the umbrella of pain and suffering.

B. Scenario 2 – Fender bender

Assume now that after a relatively small car accident, the victim suffers whiplash. The victim is a cyclist. Because of that injury, the victim cannot work out, and thus cannot prepare for the big cycling event that was to happen in a month. That missed event causes the victim to be frustrated, angry, and a little depressed. Even though the victim did not have to go to a mental health specialist, the relatively minor mental effects of the accident could still be claimed as mental pain and suffering.

With any case, you should be sure to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney so you understand the value of your case.  

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