Try driving and texting online to see just how risky they are together

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Texting and driving? Talking and driving? You’re putting yourself in greater danger than you think.

Studies find that using a cellphone while driving has been connected to thousands of car accidents that resulted in a death in a year’s time and more than one-half million accidents in that same time period.

Get educated on the risks in a comprehensive New York Times report on how cell phones put drivers and everyone else on the road at risk.

The Times has a video on distracted driving, read an article on how distracted driving has been equated to drunk driving, and more. They are all at the newspaper’s online section titled, “Driven to Distraction.”

If you’re convinced that texting is dangerous but cannot resist the temptation, read the article about a service that will help you.

Don’t believe the statistics? Take a virtual road test: See just how well you can adapt to the road while answering text messages.