Think Before You Post

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We have all heard the infamous words “You have the right to remain silent – anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law”. We equate that to being arrested. Well, we also need to stop and think before we post to social media. The internet and social media have become the primary tool used by litigants to defend and defeat claims. I cannot tell you how often an insurance company shows up to mediation with pictures or posts made by my clients on social media. Alas, this is the world in which we live; a world where many feel the need to post every aspect of their lives for the world to see. I have said it many times – if you do not want it blown up on a screen in a court of law do NOT send it out over the internet in any form. And do not think to delete anything makes it go away. That little smartphone you have – those texts and posts and pictures you “think” are deleted – they are not, they are all in there and very easily retrievable. Whether it be a personal injury case, a family law matter, a contract dispute – anything you say or have said could be used against you. Please always keep that in mind. Share this with your children. Be safe!!!!

Donna DeMarchi

Crary Buchanan