Scott Turnbull joins board of Treasured Lands Foundation

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Joining a dedicated team of conservationists, wildlife advocates, business leaders and nature lovers, firm partner W. Scott Turnbull has joined the board of Treasured Lands Foundation.

Turnbull is a business, securities, and trust litigator who advocates land conservation and preservation of South Florida’s history.

“We are excited to bring Scott on board, said Chuck Barrowclough, executive director of Treasured Lands Foundation. “The combination of his legal background and environmental interest brings something new to the Foundation that I think will be highly beneficial”.

Turnbull takes much of his conservation ethic from President Roosevelt’s efforts to protect and preserve America’s natural resources such as the national wildlife refuges in Florida at Pelican Island, Passage Key, and Island Bay. Like these refuges, Martin County has lands for continued conservation and wildlife protection.

Appreciating nature through hiking, kayaking, camping, birding and hunting, Turnbull sees continued opportunities to preserve South Florida’s history while conserving Martin County’s natural resources.

“We have a lot of exciting opportunities ahead of us at Treasured Lands and we know Scott will be a great asset”, said Barrowclough.

Drawing on community involvement and partnerships, Treasured Lands Foundation helps preserve Martin County’s natural resources, protect its wildlife habitats and encourage passive and active outdoor recreation by supporting public land conservation efforts and contributing to the creation of additional diverse and vibrant parks programming. To learn more visit