Researchers Predict Self-Driving Cars Could Eliminate Most Auto Accidents

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Researchers Predict Self-Driving Cars Could Eliminate Most Auto Accidents

Auto accidents happen all the time for a variety of reasons. The most common culprit behind most traffic collisions, however, is driver error and negligence. Motorists are humans, and as such, they don’t always do everything they can to obey the rules of the road or make safety a priority. By automating much of the actions drivers make, automakers and safety experts believe that many of the accidents, injuries, and deaths caused by negligent drivers will become a thing of the past.
Self-driving cars may be several years off, but should these automated vehicles be widely adopted by Americans, they could significantly improve roadway safety, cut down deaths, and change our society, according to a recently released study from a global consulting firm.

Here are some findings from the study, in which researchers analyzed crash data and interviews with numerous auto and safety industry officials:

1. If self-driving cars are widely used on American roads, they could eliminate up to 90% of traffic accidents, save close to $190 billion in health care costs, and save thousands of lives each year (car accidents remain a leading cause of death in the U.S.).

2. Automated cars are predicted to be widely adopted by American consumers around 2030. The initial use of self-driving cars will begin within the next decade.

3. The use of advanced and automated driving technology – including adaptive cruise control, lane departure prevention, and blind-spot alerts – are on the rise.

Autonomous cars are believed to be the wave of the future and have already begun to reshape and revolutionize the auto industry. Self-driving cars can also make a significant difference in improving roadway safety and are therefore being explored by many auto manufacturers and safety experts.

As interesting as predictions about the future and technology may be, the new study does an even better job of reminding us just how dangerous public roads and highways can be, and just how often drivers make errors or act negligently.

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