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Personal injury litigation is crucial. If someone harms you physically, you may experience high medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses that should not be your responsibility. What’s more, the changes in your life can range from inconvenient to serious. Therefore, you will need a personal injury attorney to help you, the plaintiff, take the negligent person or company to court and get the compensation that you unequivocally deserve.

If you are the victim of a personal injury incident, you should contact a trusted employment law attorney immediately.

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The Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

You may want to know how much your personal injury case is worth. The value of your case depends on several key factors, including the severity of your injury, the circumstances of your accident, and any limits to insurance coverage. Behind the value of the case is the amount of damages that the plaintiff can obtain, including:

1. Loss of earning capacity
2. Future medical bills
3. Loss of consortium
4. Pain and suffering
5. Past medical bills
6. Lost wages

Some of these considerations may not be of clear value at the beginning; however, based on our attorneys’ extensive experience, they may be able to provide estimates of case costs after evaluation of records pertaining to your claim, such as:

1. Statements (witness and personal)
2. Your medical records
3. Police records
4. Evidence

This information paints an overall picture that allows you and your attorney to better understand the expectations of your personal injury case. 

Considering Compensation

As we just mentioned, the claimant can obtain compensation for certain types of damage related to the injury. As such, the purpose of filing a personal injury claim is to seek compensation for the injury suffered by the plaintiff. In doing so, the awarded compensation serves to lessen the burden of the financial hardship created by another party’s negligence. 

In a personal injury lawsuit, you may seek payment for several types of damages. Some are tied directly to your injuries, such as medical expenses and lost wages. These are known as “economic” damages. Other damages, however, are more subjective. These are known as “noneconomic” damages. How much (and whether) they are limited depends on where the injury occurred and where you live.

Let’s examine a few examples of common damages that plaintiffs seek in personal injury lawsuits.

Medical Expenses: Individuals involved in a personal injury may require medical care, which may include (but isn’t limited to):

1. Outpatient care
2. Hospitalization
3. Examinations
4. Treatment
5. Tests

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need ongoing medical care, especially when serious or irreversible injuries occur. Generally speaking, such medical care is often expensive. As such, victims may find themselves responsible for thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses. Ideally, the damages found in the settlement or litigation against the defendant should cover such fees.

At Crary Buchanan Attorneys at Law, our job is to make sure that you get the necessary compensation to cover your medical expenses related to your injury. But that’s the only potential hardship you might face when injured.

Lost Wages: If you suffer an injury, it’s highly probable that you will have to miss work. This could be a result of going to the hospital, being admitted to the hospital for further treatment, or because your injury is so bad that you physically can’t work.

As you can see, a personal injury may cause you to miss work for as little as a day to as much as permanently. Therefore, an award for lost wages is in order.

Emotional Distress: This compensation relates to the psychological and emotional state of the injured party after the accident. This is because serious injuries aren’t limited to affecting victims physically. Depression caused by severe psychological trauma or anxiety could warrant compensation for emotional distress. Therefore, you need to obtain a complete and accurate record and diagnosis of a specific mental condition from your therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist.

Pain & Suffering: Such compensation is calculated and awarded based on the depth and extent of your pain and suffering, as well as the nature of your injury and the medical care required to treat it. 

In order to obtain the compensation that may exceed $1 million in a jury trial, the plaintiff must have as much evidence as possible to prove the consequences of their injury caused by the negligence of another party. So, how can you do this?

Your attorney will need to present your medical records, including diagnoses, outpatient visits, prescriptions, and hospital stays, as these are an important way to show the degree of injury you sustained and your estimated recovery time. However, this will only work if you take the initiative to seek treatment and talk with your doctor about your needs in great detail. It is also helpful to take pictures and videos of the injury you suffered and record your symptoms.

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