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Back in 1994, O.J. Simpson was famously acquitted of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald L. Goldman. It was a case that captured the nation’s rapt attention, divided the nation by race, and put a spotlight on the power of celebrity and wealth in our criminal justice system. Indeed, most only remember that murder trial, and his acquittal.

Yet, there was another trial. It was a trial in which O.J. Simpson was found responsible for the death of Ms. Brown and Mr. Goldman.  

That’s right, on one level, O.J. Simpson was found guilty of those murders. It was, however, in a civil wrongful death lawsuit, rather than a criminal murder trial.  

In this article, we will discuss precisely what a wrongful death claim is, and more importantly, who is eligible for compensation in connection with a wrongful death claim. 

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What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death claim – like a criminal murder case – deals with the death of a person. However, unlike a criminal case, a wrongful death claim is handled in civil rather than criminal court. The kinds of relief you can obtain in civil court are different from the relief available in criminal court. Specifically, in criminal court, the goal is to punish an individual for wrongful conduct by taking away his or her liberty – either through a jail sentence or a less restrictive probation arrangement.

A civil court, by contrast, is focused on obtaining relief from a wrongful act by forcing them to pay money damages, and sometimes by enjoining (or stopping) someone from engaging in particular conduct in the future.  

That leads to the second difference between wrongful death claims and a criminal murder case. With a criminal murder case, the accused if found guilty will be punished with prison. With wrongful death claims, the wrongful actor will be forced to pay money damages to compensate the victim’s loved ones.

Thus, in the O.J. Simpson case, for example, Simpson was required to pay millions of dollars to the families of the victims for compensatory and punitive damages.

When is a Wrongful Death Claim Appropriate to Raise?

Wrongful death claims are regulated by Florida law, meaning that certain circumstances need to exist in order to bring a wrongful death lawsuit. Thus, in Florida, if someone lost a loved one because that loved one was killed as a result of:

1. A wrongful act,
2. A breach or default of the contract, or
3. A negligent act

Then, Florida allows will allow you to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

The personal representative of the estate of the person who died – typically a wrongful death claims lawyer – is actually the party that files a wrongful death claim. But that attorney files the wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased’s family members.  Those family members include, under Florida law:

1. The spouse of the deceased;
2. The children of the deceased (who are under 25 years old); and
3. The parents of the deceased.

Other relatives may also have a legitimate claim in a wrongful death action – such as a niece or nephew who depended on the deceased for college tuition payments. Yet, claims of other relatives are secondary to the primary relatives listed above.  

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