Mike Crary speaks out against texting while driving

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Mike Crary, general partner at Crary Buchanan, has published an editorial against texting while driving in Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers. The article appeared in all editions on May 21, 2010.

In the opinion piece, Crary criticized the Florida legislature for failure to act on a bill that would ban texting while driving. Crary pointed out that “texting while driving results in impairment double that of drunken driving. And, according to a study by AAA Auto Club South, texting while driving delays reaction time by 35 percent and steering control by 91 percent.”

Despite those dangers, Florida is behind other states that have taken action to make their roads safer. Crary’s advice:

“The next time you want to text and drive, don’t do it. When you’ve safely stopped your car on the side of the road or in a parking lot, send a text message to your state representative or senator to change the law and ban texting while driving.”