Local Woman Attorneys Present Groundbreaking Documentary at Lyric Theatre

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Female attorneys gathered to present to their community a free screening of a groundbreaking HBO documentary “Hot Coffee” in Treasure Coast, Florida on October 22, 2012. The Martin County Chapter of the Florida Association for Woman Lawyers (FAWL) presented this film in hope of exposing truths about the American civil justice system. FAWL is an association that unifies the woman attorneys of the state to educate and train them further in legal matters. This group also offers a networking to those in the state, and the membership is offered to any individuals who have been accredited by a law school and are in good terms with any state Bar.

Linda Weiksnar, an attorney from Crary Buchanan, Attorneys at Law, is one of FAWL Board Members who participated in the film screening. “Hot Coffee” is a documentary that aims to expose what really happened in a history lawsuit involving a woman who sued McDonald’s and received $3 million for spilling hot coffee on her lap. The purpose of this film is to show that despite the extensive media coverage, the world was never told the whole truth about the lawsuit, except for the fact that a woman walked away with millions for spilt coffee.

“Hot Coffee” attempts to go into further detail not only on the McDonald’s case, but the justice system over all, showing how much of the marketing and public relations campaigns are affecting the way the public views the court system. For example, what most people didn’t learn in the McDonald’s lawsuit was the fact that prior to the lawsuit; there had been over 700 incident reports of scalding injuries from the McDonalds cups of coffee. This information was never released to the public because it exposed the McDonalds companies’ indifference to the wellbeing of their consumers. It is for this very reason that the jury decided to award the victim such a substantial monetary amount, because of their absolute disregard for the people, not because of the split coffee itself.

Linda Weiksnar is quoted in a local paper about the documentary screening and she states that the very moral of the film is to not rush into a judgment. Many times what the public is fed about a civil case is not the entire story, and sadly at times it might be a down right lie to protect certain groups and organizations. This movie is an effort to show the world that there are always more facts to uncover, and hopefully in time “Hot Coffee” will reform the way the public views the “civil justice system and access to the courts.”

For more information about the documentary “Hot Coffee” please click on the following link to visit their website: https://www.hotcoffeethemovie.com.