Larry Crary presents Penny Sugar of VGTI as keynote speaker for 2011 Nina Haven Circle of Scholars

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Senior member Larry Crary presented Penny Sugar of Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute Florida (VGTI-FL) as the keynote speaker for the 2011 Nina Haven Circle of Scholars reception on May 1, 2011.

Crary is a board member of Nina Haven Scholarships Inc. The nonprofit gives children in Martin County, Florida an opportunity to seek higher education. Scholars are chosen based upon financial need and the commitment and promise to stay in school.

Sugar is director of development at VGTI, which conducts life sciences research in Tradition and is building a research center there.

Sugar encouraged Nina Haven scholarship recipients to keep in touch with events in their home community because great opportunities are developing for educated young people on the Treasure Coast.

“I like to say that VGTI stands for Very Good Things in Store,” Sugar said.


Penny Sugar of VGTI and Larry Crary