How to Give and Get Temporary Child Custody?

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temporary child custody

The matter of temporary custody often comes up during divorce or separation and prior to the finalization of an agreement. It is up to the court to determine who gets temporary custody. Their decisions are based on what they feel is in the child’s best interest. 

What’s more, many temporary custody agreements eventually become permanent after the divorce is finalized in a court of law. However, there are other instances besides divorce or separation where temporary custody might be needed.

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When to Seek Temporary Custody

There are many unique reasons why you might need the services of an experienced child custody attorney to seek temporary custody, including:

Domestic Matters: In the event of abuse or neglect, you may feel compelled to seek temporary custody in order to ensure the child’s safety and well-being. Whether you are the spouse, grandparent, friend, or otherwise, your intentions are to protect the child with temporary custody.

Sickness/Hospitalization: When a parent or parents become incapacitated (such as a car accident or illness), temporary custody ensures that the child is properly cared for until the parent or parents can care for their child again.

Competing Responsibilities: Some parents have schedules (such as work or school) that make it difficult to provide optimal care for their children. In such instances, temporary custody may be sought after to ensure the child gets the care they need.

Financial Difficulties: If a parent loses their job, for example, and is unable to provide proper care to their child, a temporary custody agreement may be put into effect to allow a friend or relative to continue the child’s care for a time.

Separation or Divorce: Temporary custody orders are needed in times of separation or divorce until a final agreement can be reached between the parents.

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Getting Temporary Custody

When you have an experienced child custody attorney in your corner, you will have expert representation that ensures the proper channels are followed as you seek temporary custody.

Not all temporary custody ventures are easy, requiring a child custody attorney who has years of experience in dealing with the courts. Your attorney knows how to navigate the turbulent waters of child custody and will provide you with comprehensive representation.

Moreover, your child custody attorney will fight to get you the outcome that is best for you and the child in question. Your attorney will work hard to build your case to present to the court. 

This is often very difficult when trying to plead your case on your own. But with an experienced team like the professionals at Crary Buchanan, you’re getting the very best legal counsel in Florida.

Child custody can be challenging for all involved. That’s why you need a child custody attorney who makes this trying time easier by providing expert representation. It’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed or without options. Let the law office of Crary Buchanan give you guidance and direction to get the outcome you desire.

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