How Serious Is a Spinal Cord Injury?

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A spinal cord injury can often be a life-changing event. One moment you are walking around without issue, and the next, your life is on hold as you recover from a serious spine injury. The seriousness of these injuries is important for understanding what an individual needs to undergo to enjoy life again. Here, we’ll talk about what a spinal cord injury is and how serious it can be.

What Is a Spinal Cord Injury?

Spinal cord injuries are classified by the severity of the damage to the spinal cord in relation to its location. For example, one type of spinal cord injury could be classified as “C7.” Here, “C” refers to cervical (neck), and “7” is the seventh vertebrae. A C7 would likely mean there is pain and discomfort, but most activities can be completed on their own, with things like bathing or getting dressed requiring assistance.

Additional injury classifications are as follows:

T1 to T12: Thoracic (Chest area)

L1 to L5: Lumbar (Between chest and pelvis)

S1 to S5: Sacral (Pelvis)

Each area presents its own problems when injured. For instance, neck injuries can result in numbness of the extremities, among others concerns. Interestingly, all spinal cord injuries can lead to problems with bladder andṁ bowel function.

How Serious Are Spinal Cord Injuries?

A spinal cord injury can have a huge impact on an individual’s mobility and quality of life. What’s more, the severity of a spinal cord injury is not always clear at first glance. That’s because the spine is made up of many different parts, which affect the condition and outcome of an individual’s injury.

When you are injured in any way, it is important to understand the seriousness of that injury, so you know what kind of care you will need during your recovery process. With this knowledge comes understanding what treatments are available for your condition, which ones might help reduce pain or speed up recovery time, and which ones might be most effective for your specific situation.

The Importance of Recovery 

A spinal cord injury can be defined as an injury or disease that impairs or stops the functioning of the spine. This injury can lead to a variety of symptoms, including:

1. Injury to the spinal cord
2. Paralysis
3. Seizures
4. Numbness and loss of feeling
5. Pain that is not relieved by medication
6. Inability to move an extremity or part of your body
7. Difficulty breathing
8. Dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance
9. Slurred speech

It’s important to know what treatments that are available for spinal cord injuries. Physical therapy is a common treatment for a spinal cord injury. Moreover, physical therapists will help rehabilitate movement in the body by providing exercises to regain function and strength. One of the goals of physical therapy is to make sure that the patient can maintain their mobility as they recover.

Another treatment option is occupational therapy, which focuses on helping patients with daily living tasks like feeding themselves or driving. These types of treatment are meant to increase independence and quality of life for patients after an injury.

Therapeutic massage can also be used to treat some injuries, including spinal cord injuries. Therapeutic massage works by increasing the blood flow and oxygen throughout the body and removing lactic acid buildup from muscles. 

If you have had a spinal cord injury, one important consideration is whether your insurance provides coverage for rehabilitation services like physical therapy or occupational therapy. If you were injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, whether an individual, business, or medical provider, it’s important to seek a spinal cord injury lawyer for legal assistance. 

Your spinal cord injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve as you fight to make yourself whole again. When someone has had a spinal cord injury, it may be difficult for them to care for themselves. Your attorney can make sure you receive the help you need following an injury.


In today’s day and age, a spinal cord injury is no longer uncommon. It can happen to any one of us. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, at the workplace, or otherwise, you should be aware of the severity of the injury and what you can do. The spinal cord is like a highway that travels from the brain to the body.

If it is damaged, it can cause paralysis and a myriad of other serious consequences. The important thing is to get help as soon as possible. So contact a trusted spinal cord injury lawyer right away to discuss your claim.

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