Giving Back to the Community at the “Be a Hero” Blood Drive

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At Crary Buchanan we are proud to share with our readers our involvement in the local “Be a Hero” blood drive hosted by the Van Duzer Foundation in the month of November. This blood drive took place at the Treasure Coast Mall on November 10th as well as November 14th in various locations in St. Lucie County. This year was the fourth annual “Be a Hero” blood drive, and one of our very own attorneys Mike Crary is a frequent donator to this unique cause. Mr. Crary states that he is proud to be connected with the cause along with the Seacoast Bank, as the foundation raises donations and collect life-saving blood for the community.

The Van Duzer Foundation was founded by Scott Van Duzer as a means of helping individuals and families that are in need, suffering with financial and personal illnesses caused by disease or tragic events. Just four years ago, Scott Van Duzer received word of two young boys in the St. Lucie County that were suffering with severe cases of cancer. One night, one of these boys was really ill and was admitted into the hospital. Unfortunately because of blood shortages, he was forced to experience 9 hours of suffering as he waited for the right blood to be transfused into his little body.

After hearing of this tragedy, Scott could not sit back and do nothing, letting those in his home continue to suffer because of a blood shortage. He quickly approached the board members of his foundation asking for their vote on starting an annual blood drive, to help people young and old who are suffering with severe illnesses and injuries. At the first blood drive 300 units of blood were donated, and since the foundation has been able to receive over 5,500 units of blood, saving over 15,000 lives in St. Lucie County.

As you can see, the Van Duzer Foundation is a worthy cause for our community, it is a way to bring together the people for a united purpose, to serve those whom we know and love that are in need. At Crary Buchanan we are committed to not only offering our legal services to our friends and family in Florida, but were are also dedicated to participating in local outreaches as we want the community to see how we care about the people, not the cases.

Participating in Treasure Coast activities allows us to interact and build relationships with the people, and hopefully in their time of need they will know an attorney who is trustworthy that they can turn to at our office. We hope that we can encourage others to give of their personal resources as well in pursuit of making our community and our home a better place. If you have any questions about our firm and our services feel free to contact us today.