Fathers & Families’ Blood Drive

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Our firm teamed up with fathers and their families in a blood drive to support the community on the day before Father’s Day. At the firm, we are dedicated not only to helping our clients with top-notch legal representation, but helping the community as well. The blood drive, which garnered the support of the St. Lucie County Commission, was organized by Mike Crary, our managing partner at the firm.

The drive encouraged citizens from St. Lucie County to support their dads and father figures by donating blood in the Lowe’s parking lot on June 16th. At the drive, we invited a select group of “caring fathers” in St. Lucie County to join us at the drive, who invited their families and friends as well. Included in this group were other legal professionals, the Sherriff, medical professionals, public accountants, and other professionals whose work is significant to the St. Lucie County community.