Drive Smart, Drive Safe – Texting While Driving in Florida

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With a texting ban set to take effect on October 1, 2013, Florida has become one of the few remaining states without a texting law to prohibit the dangerous act. Although many local residents question why such a law wasn’t passed long ago, it is still better late than never – given the fact that texting while driving has become an epidemic on American roadways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), text messaging behind the wheel was responsible for more than 3,000 reported deaths and nearly 400,000 reported injuries in 2011 alone.

With such alarming statistics – and with many educational campaigns spreading awareness about the dangers of texting while driving – it has become common knowledge that texting behind the wheel is negligent and extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, far too many motorists continue to use their cell phones on the road, thereby placing others at serious risk of being involved in a traffic accident.

Apps to Help Stop Text Messaging on the Road

Knowing the ever-present urge drivers in the 21st have to remain engaged on their phones, developers in the tech industry have latched on to creating applications that help prevent texting while driving. These apps are also supported by cellphone providers, many of whom have banded together as part of the “It Can Wait” campaign. A few of these apps deliver features that include:

  • Automatic responses to incoming texts so drivers do not need to respond immediately.
  • Blocking incoming messages while moving in a car or above a certain speed limit.
  • Reading incoming text messages out loud.
  • Locking texting features while in a moving vehicle and requiring a code from an administrator or parent.
  • The ability to turn apps on remotely and alert parents when app is turned off or removed.
  • Notifications regarding state and local laws on texting while driving.

From safety apps that prevent texting while driving to hands-free devices that translate voice commands into text, cell phone providers and the tech industry are doing their part to reduce the overwhelming dangers texting creates on public roadways. Many of these apps handle the task of preventing texting while driving differently and may not be available on all cell phones.

If you would like more information about texting while driving accidents – or if you wish to discuss your auto accident case with an attorney from our firm – contact a Stuart personal injury lawyer from Crary Buchanan. You can also learn more about these apps here.