Do I Need a Probate Lawyer in Florida?

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Probate Lawyers

Probate is an essential component when dealing with estate planning and determining who controls the assets of the decedent. If you’re not sure whether you need a probate lawyer in Florida, we’re here to clear up any confusion you might have on the matter.

We understand how difficult managing the estate of a loved one can be. Making the best decisions in the interest of the decedent isn’t always an easy task, especially when there is conflict among other family members

When you are overwhelmed with estate planning and probate, you need an attorney in Florida who can guide and direct you through the probate process while providing you with experienced legal advice.

At Crary Buchanan Attorneys at Law, we specialize in estate planning and probate and will ensure that you get the legal counsel you need for a smooth process. We invite you to contact us with all of your probate needs in Florida.

But first, please continue reading to learn more about probate and what it entails. You will also learn what you can expect from your probate lawyer and the services they provide in the probate process.

What Is a Probate Lawyer?

Probate lawyers assist the executor (or “administrator” if there isn’t a will) in managing the process of probate. Moreover, probate lawyers can help you in estate planning, drafting living trusts or wills, providing advice on the power of attorneys, and even acting as executors or administrators of the will.

To determine whether you need a probate lawyer in Florida, we encourage you to keep reading to learn the role that your attorney plays in estate planning.

What Does Your Attorney Do?

When a person dies, their property must be distributed according to state law and the instructions stated in their will. If all of the decedent’s property is transferred to the trust, this can be avoided.

The trust can guarantee the smooth transfer of out-of-court and judicial property. Probate lawyers participate in different ways depending on the case. In this case of inheritance, participation depends on the value of the deceased’s property and whether they had a will at the time of death.

In the absence of a will, the beneficiaries will file a lawsuit and file a lawsuit for what they believe is attributable to them. As far as the will is concerned, there may be problems with the validity of the will, and it may also lead to potential legal disputes.

If someone has a will at the time of death, you can ensure that the services of the probate lawyer advise the client (i.e., the administrator or beneficiary). Lawyers provide advice on a wide range of legal matters. For example, a lawyer can check a will to ensure that it was not written or signed under duress. Likewise, they can make sure a will wasn’t signed against the individual’s best interests.

In the event that you pass away without writing and signing your will, this is called “intestate.” In this case, despite your requirements, your estate will be dispersed as per the location of the property in accordance with the intestate law.

When Should You Hire a Probate Lawyer?

While it is good practice to hire an attorney to guide you in probate, you don’t always need to do so. Whether you require an attorney depends on the size of the estate. Therefore, before hiring a lawyer, ask yourself:

1. Does the state of Florida have an easy probate procedure?
2. Is the money in the estate enough to pay off the debt?
3. Are the family members in the will getting along?
4. Can the estate be distributed without probate?
5. What kind of property is named in the estate?

Do you need assistance with probate? Contact the Crary Buchanan Attorneys at Law to discuss how we can help. We understand that managing estates can be challenging. That’s why we provide you with experienced legal counsel and walk you through the steps of probate.

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