Divorce Decree vs. Divorce Certificate — What’s the Difference?

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divorce decree vs. divorce certificate

Divorce is an unfortunate reality that involves a fair amount of paperwork. As such, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused by all of the documentation. 

Two of the most common documents that cause confusion are the divorce decree and divorce certificate — the court issues one but not the other. 

We’ll explore these two discombobulating divorce documents in greater detail in a moment. But first, please know that you have a valuable ally to assist you during difficult times like divorce.

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Let’s continue our discussion on divorce documentation, so you have a clear understanding of what they entail.

What Is a Divorce Decree?

This is a document that is issued by the court. It details the final judgment in your divorce and therefore contains essential information regarding:

1. Child support (if applicable)
2. Property and asset division
3. Spousal support
4. Visitation
5. Custody
6. Debt

Of course, other details may be included in your divorce decree, not just that which is listed above. In fact, it’s very likely that your divorce decree will contain more information, as the document is intended to detail every legal aspect of your divorce.

No one but the court can issue you a divorce decree, and it comes at the closing of your case. You can usually obtain a certified copy of your divorce decree by going through the clerk of court’s office.

Or, you may have to go through the county clerk depending on what state you live in and its regulations concerning this matter.

It’s important to note that only those involved in the divorce can obtain a copy of the divorce decree (including your divorce attorney).

What Is a Divorce Certificate?

Not to be confused with a divorce decree, a divorce certificate is a different document entirely. And unlike a decree, the certificate doesn’t come from the court but rather via a place like your state health department. In most cases, you get a divorce certificate from the same office that issues birth certificates. 

Moreover, divorce certificates aren’t available in all states. But in the states where they are available, you can use divorce certificates for the following:

1. Basic proof of divorce
2. Obtaining a passport
3. Obtaining travel visa
4. Inheritance matters
5. Name change
6. Marriage

Divorce certificates serve as evidence that you are indeed divorced. And, they enable you to show that you are divorced without sharing revealing information like that of a divorce decree.

So whereas a divorce decree outlines your divorce in its entirety, including things like child/spousal support orders or debt distribution, a divorce certificate shows only that you are divorced and nothing else.

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