Attorney Mike Crary Secures $100,000 to Present to the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic

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Attorneys at <a href=””>Crary Buchanan</a> are not only committed to the practice of law in the Florida area, but we are also committed to the community as a whole. We strongly believe that giving back to the community is an essential role that we are each called to participate in, whether it is with our time or our resources, we have been blessed with so much and therefore we want to be able to help others. Recently, <a href=””>Attorney Mike Crary</a> was able to present $100,000 on behalf of the Frances Langford Foundation to the Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) Clinic as a part of their January fundraising event. This decision was made after careful consideration along with Evans Crary, Jr. and Josh Turner, the Co-trustees of the Foundation, in order to present the gift to the VIM and be a “Patriot’s Dream Sponsor” for the 2013 fundraising event. Hosted at the Mariner Sands Country Club, VIM is throwing their annual fundraising event on January 26, 2013. The theme of the event is “America the Beautiful” as they celebrate life and the blessing of living in the country that we call home.

<a href=””><img class=” size-medium wp-image-5062 alignleft” src=”×200.jpg” alt=”Mary-Evans-Mike-Kim[1]” width=”300″ height=”200″ /></a>The VIM Clinic was founded in 1992 in South Carolina as a means of offering medical services to the community for individuals and families who were unable to afford it. It is an organization that is completely volunteer based, and the workers are mainly retired doctors, nurses and dentists who wanted to be able to continue their profession with a part time commitment. Attorney Mike Crary is a member of the Friends of Volunteers in Medicine (FVIM) on their board of directors serving as their sectary. He cares deeply about the people in the community and offers his services to help this organization manage their services. The FVIM is known as the fundraising arm of the volunteer clinic, as they do what is necessary to raise the funds to support and grow the VIM Clinic.

This year it is believed that the fundraiser will bring in over $500,000, the first time in the history of the 13 year organization. The Frances Langford Foundation is one of the three sponsors to donate the large sums of $100,000 to the clinic, and they are proud to play that role in order to help their community. Also, co-chairman of the FVIM, Joe Day, has put forward much time and effort into this annual fundraising gala, and as a result of his efforts the gala has sold out for the first year ever. In order to accommodate the many individuals who are still eager to participate in the fundraiser, they have established a waiting list.

The VIM Clinic is a medical outreach that was designed to help those in the area who are unable to afford medical services and with the help of charitable donators likes Mike Crary and others; the clinic is able to carry on with their wonderful efforts in the Florida area. To learn more about the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic, please click here: <a href=””></a>.