A Business’s Liability for a Slip and Fall May Extend to Areas Outside Its Property Line

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Did you know that businesses can actually be liable for injuries that occur off of their actual property?  In fact, in addition to keeping their actual property safe for customers, businesses in certain circumstances have a responsibility to keep an adjoining property safe as well.  Not convinced?  Read on.  

In our previous article, we discussed that customers are considered invitees and, as such, are owed a high standard of care by the businesses they visit.  We also discussed how the responsibility to prove what the business knew or should have known has shifted to the customer.  

Given how the law now favors businesses in Florida, it is interesting to note that business owners can be responsible for injuries that happen in places like the sidewalks and curbs in front of their business location.  If you have fallen in or around a business and were injured, then you may want to call a premises liability attorney in Stuart, FL to see if you can be compensated for your injuries.

In this article, we will go into how a business could be liable for a fall that is just outside its property.  If, after reading this article, you have additional questions about your own situation, then we welcome you to contact the premises liability attorneys in Stuart, FL at Crary Buchanan.  At Crary Buchanan, we are proud of our standard of excellence, which has allowed us to thrive as one of the oldest law firms on Florida’s Treasure Coast.  

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1. How Far Does Business Liability Spread Beyond the Front Doors?

The business property does not only include the inside of the store.  It encompasses the outside as well.  How much of the outside area is the business’s responsibility depends on multiple factors and will be specific to each business location.  If you are injured from a slip and fall outside of a business, then you should contact a premises liability attorney in Stuart, FL to determine if the business had a duty to keep that area safe.  

Businesses are typically required by law to make sure that the common areas outside of their business location are safe.  The level of proof that the customer needs to show fault is the same as if someone fell inside.  They need to prove that the business failed to exercise reasonable care in maintaining its premises and that the business knew or should have known of the dangerous condition. 

2. What Outside Premises are Included?

Walkways, sidewalks, and curbs are locations where people tend to slip or trip and fall.  When entering and leaving a business, customers often have to leave the property and traverse a sidewalk or a curb area to get to parking or a bus stop.  Florida courts have held that business owners are responsible for those locations and some injuries resulting from falls on cracked sidewalks, for example.

Other places that fall under the purview of the business include parking lots, shrubbery and landscaping, as well as fountains and pools.   

As you would expect, there are factual issues and legal hurdles to proving fault in court.  For example, if something is considered an open and obvious danger then it is not the responsibility of the business owner.  Determining if something is open or obvious, or something the business owner should be responsible for and had a duty to exercise reasonable care in maintaining, can be tricky.  There is case law that will help the courts determine which side of the equation an issue with a curb, sidewalk, or other location will fall. But don’t just shrug it off if you are injured outside a business because you tripped on a cracked sidewalk.  Contact a premises liability attorney in Stuart, FL to discuss the facts of your case.

3. Prove a Slip and Fall Case Outside the Business with the Help of Premises liability attorneys in Stuart, FL

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