Without Spending More, Some Renters Could Likely Afford to Buy Above-Average Homes

With rents continuing to climb and interest rates staying low, many renters find themselves gazing over the homeownership fence and wondering if the grass really is greener. Leaving aside, for the moment, the difficulties of saving for a down payment, let’s focus on the monthly expenses of owning a home: It turns out that renters currently paying the median rent in many markets could afford to buy a higher-quality property than the typical (read: median–valued) home without increasing their monthly expenses.

Republican Party of Okeechobee County Lincoln Day Shoot

Jennifer L. Williamson and husband, Rodney Carden, participated in the Republican Party of Okeechobee County Lincoln Day Shoot & Dinner on Saturday, May 13, 2017 at the OK Corral Gun Club in Okeechobee.

Marriages and Wills

Can a husband’s fourth spouse be guilty of unduly influencing him to prepare a Will favoring her over the husband’s children from an earlier marriage?

Florida Passes Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act

Clients should consider updating their estate plans to reflect new law…

Most Dangerous Highways

Rich Campbell recently posted an opinion column about the dangers of driving on US1 in Florida, determined by one study to be the most dangerous highway in America.