Friends of the NRA Features Attorney Jennifer Williamson as “Volunteer of the Week”

Attorney Jennifer Williamson is the featured “Volunteer of the Week” for Friends of the NRA. Tom Knight, an NRA Field Representative called Jennifer’s contribution to the organization a tremendous asset to Friends of the NRA. “[Jennifer] is always there any time that I need something done, or if she thinks of something she has to offer. She is truly dedicated to the program…”

The IRS Issues Additional Phone Scam Warning

Earlier this month, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) repeated a warning to taxpayers regarding an ongoing phone scam. According to the IRS, approximately 90,000 taxpayers received calls from individuals who fraudulently claim to be the IRS, demand payment, and threaten legal action. According to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, approximately 1,100 taxpayers have lost money to the scam. As of August 13th, victims lost an estimated $5 million total.

General Mills Clarifies New Legal Policies Barring Consumers from Suing

General Mills – a multibillion dollar corporation and one of the world’s largest food companies – recently amended new legal policies that barred consumers who joined General Mills’ online communities from suing the company. In a statement issued last week, the company clarified that the policy did not apply to consumers who visit General Mills’ Facebook pages or Twitter accounts.

Miami-Dade Judge Says Workers’ Comp Act is “Unconstitutional”

A Miami-Dade judge deemed The Florida Workers’ Compensation Act unconstitutional because it doesn’t provide suitable benefits for injured workers. In 2012, a Miami-Dade County employee tripped over boxes left on the floor. The injury resulted in shoulder replacement surgery, and the woman eventually retired because of chronic pain associated with her accident.

Crary Buchanan Supports Okeechobee County Political Forum

Jennifer Williamson, a partner with Crary Buchanan, pictured here with Christa Luna, participated in the Okeechobee County Political Forum this week, representing the Economic Council of Okeechobee. The forum was held on August 13th, 2014 and sponsored by several groups, including the Economic Council.