Private May Not Be Private When it Comes to Social Networking

Technology continues to change the legal landscape on a daily basis. The latest mode of attack is through unfettered access to litigants’ social networking sites. Regardless of what privacy settings you may think you have in place, the Courts are alarmingly allowing complete access to all of a litigant’s postings – postings by others – and especially communications that one may have considered to be private. Even though facebook will protect your privacy and not disclose your information except in the most limited of circumstances, the courts are requiring full disclosure – and in a few cases even your password – if it is requested by the other side.

Will we see a decrease in Florida’s PIP auto insurance premiums?

Recent changes in Florida’s Personal Injury Protection auto insurance system may result in decreased premiums paid by consumers, according to a report released by state regulators.

The report, prepared by Pinnacle Actuarial Resources Inc., calculated the percentage of savings that consumers may see under a new law that passed this spring. The company’s initial calculations were that consumers would see a 12 to 20 percent reduction in premiums, but the official report released in August of 2012 showed potential savings of 14 to 24.6 percent.