Rick “Pops” Sheltra Memorial Blood Drive

Celebrate the life of Rick “Pops” Sheltra by donating blood Saturday, November 10 from 10AM-4PM. Crary Buchanan will be hosting the blood drive in memory of friend Rick Sheltra.

The blood drive will be held at Sheltra & Son Construction located at 14911 SW Van Buren Ave, Indiantown

Crary Buchanan Joins “Be A Hero” Blood Drive on October 17th

Mike Crary joined other team captains for the kickoff of the “Be A Hero” blood drive on Oct. 17. The annual event sets the record for donations in Florida. This year’s goal is 2,012 units to be collected on Nov. 10 and Nov. 14. Leading the drive is Scott Van Duzer, owner of Big Apple Pizza, where the event was held; he is also president of the Van Duzer Foundation, which is conducting the drive. The non-profit organization assists people in need in St. Lucie County.