Grover Cleveland’s Stuart Love Affair

A fondness for fishing and the townsfolk drew former President Grover Cleveland repeatedly to Stuart in the early 20th century

Henry Flagler’s Fleeting Fancy

The railroad tycoon made the pineapple boom on the Treasure Coast — and he broke it, too

Johny We Hardly Knew

What’s in a name?

Practically everything when it comes to Martin County. By any other name, the county would not be. Idea and hour had to meet in a fleeting moment of opportunity, and there had to be a self-promoting salesman governor, too. He was John Wellborn Martin, and he was an entertaining orator who had risen from three terms as Jacksonville’s mayor to win the highest office in the state. Opportunity to form a new county on the state’s southeast coast arose because people were misreading the times in which they lived. A wild and crazy land boom looked like progress to a horde of get-rich-quick dreamers. All over Florida, promoters were unwittingly laying a foundation for financial devastation that would take decades to repair.

Mike Crary leads ‘Fathers & Families’ blood drive in St. Lucie County in honor of Father’s Day

STUART – Attorney Mike Crary invites families in St. Lucie County to honor their fathers and father figures at a special blood drive on the day before Father’s Day.

The first “Fathers & Families” Blood Drive will be held June 16 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Saint Lucie West. Big Red Buses will be lined up in the parking lot of Lowe’s at 791 NW St. LucieBlvd.

Donna DeMarchi takes the helm of the Junior League of Martin County

STUART — Donna E. DeMarchi, a personal injury attorney at Crary Buchanan, was inducted as president of the Junior League of Martin County on May 9. Recently, DeMarchi had the privilege of representing the Junior League of Martin County at the Association of Junior Leagues International conference held in San Francisco from April 19 through April 22. More than 500 women from four countries convened for leadership training.

Standard federal law needed to eliminate distracted driving caused by cell phones

As a personal injury attorney in Stuart and Port St. Lucie for the past 23 years, I have seen many developments in technology and driving habits that have helped to improve safety on the road.

Cars and trucks have more safety features like multi-staged airbags and some vehicles can now stop by themselves before rear-ending another vehicle. Driver awareness has increased because vehicle operators know their insurance rates will go up if they cause an accident.

Pain clinic ads create questions about injuries

You should know that advertisements that aggressively pursue accident patients cast a shadow on the legitimacy of all accident claims.

As Bloomberg News reports, providers of these services treat all patients the same. Providers have financial incentives to prescribe treatments that are questionable in their effectiveness.

Big-budget TV ads don’t tell the whole story on personal injury lawyers

As a personal injury attorney in Stuart and Port St. Lucie for the past 22 years, I have seen a recent explosion in TV ads for lawyers in my field. When you see how the biggest advertisers handle their cases, you may want to think twice before you hire one.

Safer car? Thank a trial attorney

You often read in the press that a trial attorney is suing a big corporation for what the company calls a frivolous cause. What’s not appreciated is how cases brought for injured clients contribute to the well-being of everyone.

Casey Feldman: A Victim of Distracted Driving

Casey Feldman was 21 years old when a distracted driver struck her in a crosswalk. Please take a few minutes to watch the interviews with her Fordham University classmates and mother.

EndDD, which is sponsored by the Casey Feldman Foundation, has as its mission to preserve life and promote safety on a large scale through advocacy, education, and action.