10 Reasons to Hire a Crary Buchanan Personal Injury Lawyer

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1. Experience Evaluating Claims:  Crary Buchanan personal injury lawyers have extensive experience evaluating cases like yours. We can tell you from the beginning if you have a case. This eliminates the guesswork of you trying to figure out if your case is worth pursuing. You don’t pay anything for this service.

2. No Fees Unless You Win Your Case: Crary Buchanan personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t pay us a fee unless we recovery money for you.

3. Details and Fine Print: Personal injury claims are complicated.  Injured people have to go to the doctor and they get a lot of confusing mail from insurance companies and medical providers. On top of trying to recover from your physical injuries and the stress of having been injaured, the additional stress and strain of answering questions and filling out forms can be overwhelming. The personal injury lawyers at Crary Buchanan take care of all of this for you so you can focus on getting better.

4. Case Investigation: The injury attorneys at Crary Buchanan have experience with and access to investigators with specialized training to help examine the technical aspects of your case and develop a strategy to use all of the information in your case to your best advantage.

5. Impartiality: A personal injury lawyer must give you straight answers about your case. Many injured people are angry, in pain, frustrated and fearful about what happened to them and their future. Many times an insurance company will try to get you to take a quick settlement for a small amount of money. This can be very tempting because it puts the whole thing behind you. At Crary Buchanan, we help you to understand your case clearly and take it one-step- at-a-time, so you are in control of your case, not the insurance company.

6. Settlements: The injury attorneys at Crary Buchanan work very hard to get you top-dollar value for the settlement of your injury case. We won’t settle your case before it’s time, because that can leave money on the table.

7.  We know the Defense Attorneys: At Crary Buchanan, we have been handling injury cases for decades.  We know and have litigated with nearly all the defense attorneys who represent insurance companies in our area.  We have cordial relationships and mutual respect with these attorneys.  This is extremely important in personal injury cases, because it is this mutual respect that allows us to successfully resolve many of our client’s cases in a fair and reasonable manner.

8. We know the Insurance Adjusters: At Crary Buchanan we are used to working with the adjusters for insurance companies.  Our job is to get you the highest recovery for your case. We are familiar with the arguments adjusters make to try to diminish the value of your case and we meet these arguments head-on with the best evidence that your case has value.

9. Mediation: Not every case goes to trial. Many cases are settled at mediation, before trial. The personal injury attorneys at Crary Buchanan have mediated hundreds of cases and recovered millions of dollars for our clients. WE have the experience to guide you through the mediation process.

10. Jury Trials: If your case does not settle and you have to go to trial, Crary Buchanan injury lawyers have the experience, skills and resources to take your case to a jury trial and persuasively argue the merits of your case.