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Most Dangerous Highways

Rich Campbell recently posted an opinion column about the dangers of driving on US1 in Florida, determined by one study to be the most dangerous highway in America.

Seat Belt Safety Simulator

Rollover simulator and 5mph crash simulator offer powerful examples of why it’s important to wear your seatbelt.

Even low-speed accidents can cause injury. Make sure you always wear your seatbelt.

If you are involved in a collision, call Crary*Buchanan for a free consultation.

In Memory of Sharon Osborn

It is with great sadness that Crary Buchanan marks the passing of Sharon Osborn, an employee and friend of the firm for almost 30 years. Before she retired, Sharon was an essential part of the firm, and will be greatly missed.

Florida’s bike death rate highest in nation

The news for Florida in a comprehensive new report on bicyclist deaths is dismal, leaving those who toil at the problem asking themselves whether to blame the roads or the people using them.

The report released earlier this month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that Florida has the highest rate of bicycling deaths of any state in the nation — 0.57 per 100,000 people, more than double the nationwide rate of 0.23 per 100,000.

PIP/No-Fault Laws of Florida

If you are ever involved in an automobile accident please seek legal guidance. Consultations with me are always free. The laws do not favor the injured party, so you need to take every step you can to protect yourself.

10 Reasons to Hire a Crary Buchanan Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Experience Evaluating Claims: Crary Buchanan personal injury lawyers have extensive experience evaluating cases like yours. We can tell you from the beginning if you have a case. This eliminates the guesswork of you trying to figure out if your case is worth pursuing. You don’t pay anything for this service.