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Family law cases are often very emotional and sensitive, and Crary Buchanan is dedicated to supporting our clients through every stage of their proceedings. The issues that arise during these complicated matters are very important to the lives of our clients and their children, and must be addressed with thorough and compassionate legal counsel.

Our Stuart divorce and family lawyers are committed to providing personalized and experienced assistance in a range of family law matters.

Many different legal issues must be dealt with during divorce and family law proceedings, and we are proud to serve our clients in a number of ways:

There is nothing more beautiful than bringing a new member into a family, and adoption provides thousands of parents this joy. The legal process of adoption can be complex, with much paperwork and preparation to be done before the arrival of the child.

Time Sharing
Divorcing and unmarried parents often struggle to determine how they will care for their children in separate homes. The children's welfare is of the utmost importance, and the court will consider a number of factors before determining an appropriate time sharing plan.

Child Support
The court will determine the amount of child support that one parent is to provide to the other to aid in the care and daily upbringing of the children. This amount is based on the parties' total net income taking into consideration other factors such as health care and day care costs.

Collaborative Divorce
Divorce does not have to be messy and combative. Couples who agree that it is in their best interests to divorce and seek to end their marriage peacefully and quickly can achieve these goals through Florida's collaborative divorce process.

Dissolution of Marriage
Divorce is the only way to end a marriage in Florida.

Equitable Distribution
Florida practices a policy of equitable distribution to divide assets and liabilities after a divorce. This division is based upon a number of factors such as whether or not an asset or liability is marital or non-marital.

Modification of Prior Orders
Many times parties' to a dissolution of other family law matter experience a change in circumstances that renders them unable to comply with the court's prior orders. In these situations, the individual must follow a court process to request a modification of the original orders.

Parenting Plans
When married or unmarried parents divorce and/or separate, the court requires them to create a plan that describes how they will parent, provide, and care for their children once their proceedings are finalized. The plan must be agreed upon by both parents and specify a number of key items relevant to the children's wellbeing.

A party with a Parenting Plan may wish to move with, or away from the children to pursue a great opportunity or job offer in another county or state. Before they can do so, they must get their move approved by the court if it would take them more than the allowed distance from the other parent.

Spousal Support
In certain divorce proceedings the court will order that spousal support be given to a spouse who is in need. This support could be for a short time or lifelong, and the determination of the duration of the award and amount to be awarded considers a number of factors.

Litigation can be a costly and contentious process, and mediation is the process by which many parties reach a settlement agreement with the help of their attorneys and a third neutral party who acts as the mediator.

Florida law is committed to providing children with ample opportunity to have relationships with both parents. If one parent limits or denies the other parent access to the children, court involvement may be necessary to enforce or develop a new parenting plan.

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