Former Gov. Graham and others question bill to split Florida Supreme Court

A bill that would split the Florida Supreme Court into civil and criminal courts is being questioned by respected politicians such as former governor and U.S. senator Bill Graham and former Chief Justice Gerald Kogan.

Read this article from the Florida Bar News and let your state representatives and senators know how you feel:

Try driving and texting online to see just how risky they are together

Texting and driving? Talking and driving? You’re putting yourself in greater danger than you think.

Studies find that using a cellphone while driving has been connected to thousands of car accidents that resulted in a death in a year’s time and more than one-half million accidents in that same time period.

Caps on damages: Denying your access to the courthouse

As a personal injury lawyer practicing in Stuart for the past 21 years, I’ve watched trends come and go. One trend that has persisted is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s drum beat for tort reform. They call it reigning in lawsuit abuse. We call it denying you access to the courthouse when you need it.

Crary Buchanan shows support for Lyric’s Discovery Series

Partner Jim Bowdish showed the firm’s leadership in promoting arts and education at a recent performance of “Strega Nona: The Musical” at the Lyric Theatre.

Through a $25,000 grant, Crary Buchanan has a top role in the Lyric’s Arts and Education Program, which includes the presenting company’s Discovery series, artists-in-residence series and family programs.

What Facebook and Twitter know can hurt your injury claim

If you’re wondering whether what you post online can affect your injury claim, read this article from the American Association for Justice. It’s reprinted here with permission from the association.

National Teen Driver Safety Week 2010 – Reducing Distractions

National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW), October 17-23, 2010, is dedicated to raising awareness and seeking solutions to unnecessary teen deaths on the road. Established by Congress in 2007 and held annually on the third week of October each year, Teen Driver Safety Week provides the perfect opportunity for communities to address this issue and better educate young drivers about potential dangers when they are behind the wheel.

Bonds or Bond Funds

A common misunderstanding about investing in bonds or bond mutual funds is that there is no risk to principal. This is not the case.

Interest rates are currently at historically low levels. If interest rates rise, bond prices would fall, and so too could the net asset values of some bond mutual funds. Returns can also decline if investors choose to move their money elsewhere and force fund managers to sell the bond holdings at a loss to pay redemptions

Is your automobile insurance coverage at risk?

As a personal injury attorney in Stuart and Port St. Lucie, Florida, for the past 17 years, I have read hundreds of cases concerning automobile accidents and insurance issues. One recent case demonstrated the lengths insurance companies will go to deny coverage to a policyholder.

Check car rental policy to avoid problems from auto accident

As a personal injury attorney in Stuart and Port St. Lucie for the past 17 years, I have read hundreds of lawsuits concerning automobile accident insurance. One recent case involved an expensive mistake with a rental car.

Does Financial Regulation Equal Greater Investor Protection?

The Dodd-Frank financial overhaul legislation was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President. What impact does it have for individual retail investors? The consensus among the experts is that it has no immediate benefit for retail investors but could result in significant changes down the road.