W. Scott Turnbull joins firm as partner

W. Scott Turnbull has joined Crary Buchanan as a partner at the full-service law firm. He represents investors in securities-related lawsuits, handles general trust lititgation, and advocates for business entities in general civil litigation.

What is a stock borrow program?

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) fined Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. $650,000 for disclosure and supervisory violations relating to the operation of its stock borrow program.

The Alphabet Soup of Securities Litigation

The alphabet soup of securities litigation starts with the broad variety of investment securities offered by financial advisors. For example, CDO (collateralized debt obligation) SIVs (structured investment vehicles), MBS (mortgage backed securities), and trust preferred securities were common investments held by large financial institutions and owned in client investment accounts. Investors of all risk tolerances and investment objectives are faced with the simple and not simple securities when investing their investable assets. Wall Street is always developing new financial products to offer clients. Financial advisors have a duty to know their clients and know the products they are recommending.

Securities law: What investors and advisors should know now

Welcome to my securities law blog. As an experienced securities litigation attorney and former financial advisor, I am writing to educate and provide information to investors, financial advisors, and others about the financial services industry.



Litigation, or dispute resolution, is the process by which lawsuits are handled. At Crary, Buchanan, Bowdish, Bovie, Beres, Elder & Thomas, Chartered, we refer to the entire litigation process as a process of dispute resolution. Resolution can involve a variety of different strategies and techniques. Quite often, disputed matters are resolved through negotiation, in which people settle their differences. Sometimes, however, the matters are only resolved through aggressive, vigorous representation all the way through trial. It is important to most clients, as well as the firm, to evaluate matters, cases, and claims with both a legal and economic view towards the best solution for the client under the circumstances. Because of the high cost of litigation, economic considerations are important for clients in making decisions as to whether to pursue certain claims and in evaluating the strategy to defend claims. To most clients, litigation is a new experience, or it has never been explained fully to them in past matters. The purpose of this article is to generally describe the litigation process, and provide some insight to you, as a client or potential client, so that our attorney/client relationship will be more fully understood and the dispute resolution process, of which you are a vital part, will not be such a mystery.

FAQ Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

The following answers are provided as a general guide to questions often asked in automobile injury cases. These answers are not intended and should not be construed as legal advice. Every case is different and should be evaluated separately. Please telephone or email Crary-Buchanan with questions about your injury case.

DeMarchi joins Crary Buchanan law firm

DeMarchi joins Crary Buchanan law firm

Donna E. DeMarchi Joins Crary Buchanan

STUART, FLORIDA – Donna Ernest DeMarchi has joined the law firm of Crary Buchanan. She has practiced in the area of personal injury and wrongful death since becoming a member of the Florida Bar in 1999. For more than a decade she has represented individuals and families that have been victims of negligence. ”I advise my clients to focus their energies on recovery, while I navigate the legal minefield of the insurance carriers,” says DeMarchi. ”I strive to obtain the maximum benefit in each case,” she adds.

Family Law Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need a lawyer?

A person has the right to represent himself or herself in a dissolution action. However, there are many pitfalls for the unwary, starting with using the right language in the petition for dissolution, continuing through the introduction of evidence, and even in post-judgment proceedings. It can be more costly for an attorney to fix what the parties have already done than it is to have an attorney on board from the beginning.