Mike Crary speaks out against texting while driving

Mike Crary, general partner at Crary Buchanan, has published an editorial against texting while driving in Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers. The article appeared in all editions on May 21, 2010.

Get counsel before talking to insurance adjustor

In my previous post, I wrote about why you should have a lawyer represent you in an injury case. The reason is quite simple: a lawyer can probably help you recover more money from an insurance company than you can on your own.

Flash Crash and Stop-Loss Orders

On May 6, 2010, there was a “flash crash” in the equity markets. For example, the Dow Jones Industrial Average declined nearly 1,000 points before bouncing back somewhat by the close of the trading day. Many investment and retirement accounts were not likely harmed by the flash crash. But some investors, contrary to their expectation, were surprised by the losses that occurred in their accounts as a result of stop-loss orders. Generally, there are two kinds of stop orders: stop-loss orders and stop-limit orders.

Why you need a lawyer when you are injured

Why you need a lawyer when you are injured


Welcome to my personal injury blog. I’ve been a lawyer for the past 21 years and have handled thousands of injury cases.

The main reason I specialize in personal injury is it is one area of the law where I can have a positive effect on a person’s life after suffering a loss. The other reason is that it is performance based so my client doesn’t have to pay unless we win. This is particularly satisfying because it is truly a win-win situation.

In my blog, I include information on specific cases and give you information on how the law protects injured people. I make sure these examples protect the privacy of my clients, so I don’t tell you their names, but their stories have useful information that gives you some insight into an area of the law that we occasionally hear some sensational stories about, like the person getting millions of dollars for being burned by hot coffee.

My cases are not sensational at all; they are stories of human interest because they give you a glimpse into the lives of real people with real problems that come up after they get hurt.

The first thing I want to discuss is why you need a lawyer when you are injured. You’ve seen the commercials that insurance companies have lawyers and you should too. The real reason you need a lawyer if you’ve been hurt is that a lawyer can almost always get you more money than you can on your own.

A lady came to me two years after her car crash and told me the insurance company made an offer to settle her case, take it or leave it She wanted to know if she should take it. I told her I’d have to look at her crash report and medical records before I could advise her. The crash report showed the accident was the other driver’s fault, not hers. Her medical records showed she was injured.

I negotiated a settlement for her that was 10 times as much as the insurance company offered her. After she paid me, she walked away with more than seven times what the insurance company offered her. This was a win-win situation for her and me.

Why did the insurance company pay more because I was involved? Because I showed them where the value was in her case. It wasn’t her fault and she was injured. Once the insurance company was boxed in, there was no way out, except for it to pay.

Securities Litigation 2010: Palm Beach County Bar Association

I attended a recent seminar presented by the Palm Beach County Bar Association Securities Law CLE committee. The seminar was titled Criminal, Civil, Regulatory and Ethics “Now What Do We Have to Worry About?” Lawyers representing individual investors, financial advisors and brokerage firms attended the seminar.

Crary Buchanan honors Dr. Gaeta on Doctors’ Day 2010

Gaeta is the first doctor to receive this award, established by the Stuart law firm of Crary Buchanan to honor family practice and internal medicine physicians in the community.

Firm supports Education and Arts program at Lyric Theatre

Crary Buchanan and the Lyric Theatre, two of the most respected and longstanding entities on the Treasure Coast, have established a unique collaboration on cultural programs for students and families.

Mike Crary, VIM Clinic congratulate 2010 award winner

Dr. Paul Gaeta, the Crary Buchanan Primary Care Physician of 2010, tours the Volunteers in Medicine Clinic with CEO/President, Dr. Howard Voss and Mike Crary, managing partner of Crary Buchanan.

Jim Menendez elected president of Palm Beach chapter of ALA

Jim Menendez, legal administrator at Crary Buchanan, has been elected president of the Palm Beach chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). He took office April 1.

Attorneys to film public service video

Attorneys to film public service video